Top Ten Tuesday: Baby Toys


My little one is nearly three months old and I’ve had a hard time finding fun and engaging toys for him. We have the common ones, like rattles and stuffed animals, but I wanted to find some toys that would be a little offbeat, fun and exciting for him to play with. I have tried most of the items on the list, but some of them are infant toys I want to try soon! They are currently on my Amazon Wishlist and I will report back on those directly once I’ve purchased and tried them.

  1. Finger Puppets – these are FUN! My little guy loves them. We have little finger puppet shows and I do the voices of the monkey, lion and elephant. I haven’t quite mastered the sound the elephant makes yet, but I’m working on it. We adore these ones from IKEA for $4.99!
  2. Knock Knock Blocks These sound super fun! I have wooden baby blocks for Owen for when he gets older, but these soft, stuffed blocks would be great for the early months!
  3. Wubbanub Brights Collections Pacifier Pal I have seen these in stores, online and being used by friends’ babies but I haven’t purchased one yet. I think they are a great spin on the traditional pacifier. Your baby can have something to suck on AND cuddle with at the same time. Plus, there are tons of different styles to choose from – I am partial to the Lion, but they also offer a frog, giraffe, elephant, kitty, and more!
  4. Oball Shaker I just purchased this awesome rattle last weekend and my little boy loves it! He is just starting to grab onto things, so this rattle is the perfect toy! Not only is it a traditional rattle, the ends allow baby to grab on easily and safely. Plus, the ends are a rubberized soft material so your baby won’t hurt him/herself.
  5. The World of Eric Carle Development Toys We received this lady bug toy as a gift and it’s wonderful! It provides Owen with tons of fun with a mirror, rattle, squeak and sounds, and a teether! So many different developmental aspects in ONE TOY. There’s a variety of styles, including a frog, an elephant, a seahorse, a butterfly, and of course the ever-popular Very Hungry Caterpillar!
  6. Sophie the Giraffe Teether  We do not have this magnificent thing yet, but it’s on my wishlist! I have heard from countless moms/aunts/grandmas that is is THE TOY to have in those early months and in the first year or two of baby’s life. I have researched teethers inside and out because I just don’t know what to get with all the different styles available. I will be purchasing this SOON! A review to come.
  7. Lamaze Play & Grow Take-a-Long Toys We have Mortimer the Moose and he comes with us whenever we leave the house. He has a ring that easily attaches to the diaper bag, so we don’t forget him. That is where he stays. But, Mortimer keeps my son entertained while out shopping, eating or visiting. They also offer Freddie the Firefly, a musical inchworm, Jacques the Peacock, Captain Calamari, Mittens the Kitten, and so many more!
  8. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack I remember a version of this toy when I was a kid growing up in the 80s. Around 3 months of age, babies are beginning to use their hands more and begin grabbing things. This toy is a perfect start for those little hands. Although they probably won’t be able to actually stack the rings until they’re a little older, this is still a fun, retro toy for baby. There’s also a plush stacker toy available from Lamaze that’s pretty neat!
  9. Baby Touch and Feel Board Books are wonderful for children of any age! We love our Animals Baby Touch & Feel Board Book we received as a shower gift. Not only is it a book to read to baby, he or she can feel the softness and texture of several different items!
  10. Rockaby Baby! Lullaby Renditions are absolutely phenomenal! They take the rock music you love and turn it into a lullaby for baby! We bought the Queen album and my son loves it! They have everything from Led Zeppelin and The Beatles to The Dave Matthews Band and The Smashing Pumpkins to Jay-Z and Kanye West. There’s so many different bands to choose from. You can view their 176 available items here. Although this isn’t technically a toy, it’s a great tool for soothing and lulling baby to sleep.

Until next week, mommies and daddies! -themidwestmama


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