Review: Baby Brezza Formula Pro


Baby Brezza Formula Pro

***This review is my personal opinion. This review chronicles my experiences with this product. I was not paid or compensated to write this review. This product was purchased by me, with my money. I did not receive any samples or full-size products from Baby Brezza.***

I wanted this product to be amazing. I wanted it to work seamlessly. I wanted it to make my life easier. The reviews were decent. The product seemed almost too good to be true. I so wanted it to work for us.

I posted the following review on on January 11, 2014:

My husband and I purchased the Baby Brezza Formula Pro in early December 2013 after hearing from a friend about this new “Keurig for baby formula” product. We were super excited! How easy it would be if we could make formula with just the touch of a button?!

After researching several brands, we settled on the Baby Brezza. I went to Babies ‘R’ Us and purchased it the next day. My husband tried it that evening and it worked like a breeze. It was fairly easy to assemble and use. My husband put it together and made the first bottle. It was our son’s last feeding before bedtime, so my husband fed him and we went to bed. At his next feeding 3 hours later, my husband instructed me how to use it (simple!) and I proceeded downstairs to make a bottle. I set the dial to ‘4 ounces’ and hit start. I had a 4 oz bottle underneath, but was startled when it filled the bottle PAST the 4 oz line AND KEPT GOING! The mixed formula went EVERYWHERE – all over the counter and the product itself. While it was mixing, I also noticed the enormous amount of formula being dispensed. I ran upstairs and told my husband I thought I had done something wrong. He came downstairs, with our screaming newborn, and we tried it again. SAME THING HAPPENED.  My husband also noticed the enormous amount of formula that was being dispensed into the bottle that night. We finally gave up and made a bottle ourselves so we could calm our hungry son. The next morning, my husband (who is a professional academic & understands measurements) decided to experiment with the Baby Brezza by ensuring our settings for Enfamil formula were correct and then weighing it to see just how much was actually being dispensed. After conducting his experiment, his findings were ASTONISHING. It turns out that the first bottle we made (where it worked so “wonderfully”) had dispensed SIX AND A HALF TIMES the amount of formula a newborn is supposed to receive. Not only was this a huge defect in the product, it could have seriously harmed our son. The next day, our son had several bouts of diarrhea due to the defective Baby Brezza. We promptly packaged it up and returned it, while letting the retailer know what had happened. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone, since it could be a serious risk to baby’s health and well-being.

On January 14th, Baby Brezza responded with the following:

Hello Heather,
The Formula Pro® WILL work well and dispense the correct amount of formula if SET UP PROPERLY.
When making a 4 oz bottle by hand, the water is filled to the 4 oz line, then 2 scoops of powder added. Those 2 scoops of powder WILL increase the volume in the bottle to approximately 5 oz.
The Formula Pro®, when set to 4 oz, will mix 2 scoops of powder with 4 oz of water, resulting in approximately 5 oz of mixed formula in the bottle.
There is no way the Formula Pro® will dispense 6.5 times the amount of formula if it is set up correctly with the proper insert required for the formula you are using.

Best Regards,
Baby Brezza Customer Service

In our defense, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro WAS set up properly per the step by step instructions included with the product. I also understand that when making a 4 oz. bottle, adding formula powder to 4 oz. of water DOES increase the volume given to baby – but not generally more than an extra ounce. In the case of the Baby Brezza, it was nearly doubling the amount it was supposed to! They can say “there is no way the Formula Pro will dispense 6.5 times the amount of formula if it is set up correctly with the proper insert required” all they want. We followed the set-up instructions to a TEE, it was programmed properly for Enfamil formula, and we followed the use instructions perfectly. It STILL dispensed far more powder formula than the two scoops it SHOULD dispense into a 4 oz. bottle. After my husband did his measurements, it WAS 6 1/2 times more formula than what it was set to dispense.

In their defense, the Baby Brezza, after some time, did start to make bottles at the 4 and 8 oz settings with the appropriate amount of formula and water.  However, by this time, our confidence in the Baby Brezza was shot.  We felt that we would have to weigh every single bottle from that point on to be sure that the formula was made correctly.  We simply could not tell by looking at the prepared formula if there was half or double the amount mixed in.

The proper response from Baby Brezza would have been an apology for a defective product and not passing blame on to the customer. I am very disappointed in this company and will not recommend it to anyone due to my horrible experience with the product.

If you have used or are currently using this product, please sound off in the comments below! I’d love to hear your feedback. I wish our experience with the Baby Brezza was a positive one, but sometimes products just don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

If this product worked well for you, Yay! I’m very happy it did! It SHOULD work well for everyone. -themidwestmama


44 thoughts on “Review: Baby Brezza Formula Pro

  1. Tiffany

    We had the same problem and our son was throwing up they whole bottle and diarrhea by the third bottle I knew something was wrong so I checked a homemade bottle to the brezza the brezza bottle was almost completely yellow and ours was a off white so at that point I knew it was dispensing too much. I checked my settings and fittings and everything was together correctly as stated in the manual. Unfortunately we recieved this as a shower gift and could not return it for she ordered it through a second company. It’s said cause they are so exspensive!


    • Thanks for your input Tiffany! It’s a horrible experience we both went through and I truly hope anyone who tries this product is aware of possible problems. I hope your little man is doing better now. 🙂 Healthy & happy days to you & your family!! – The Midwest Mama


  2. Samantha

    We were given the baby brezza as a gift. I found that when making a 2 oz bottle it was actually making 3 1/2 oz. I had a very hard time getting my son to drink 1 1/2 oz. I also notice that the formula had a yellow tint to,it as we’ll. Every diaper change was a pop, which I don’t think was normal for a new born. I started mixing the baby formula on my own, which the formula was a lot whiter and now my new born baby is now eating two oz’s sometimes three.


  3. Gary M

    Wait a minute 6.5 times the correct amount for a 4 oz bottle?!?!?! So you want me to believe it dispensed 13 scoops of formula on a 4oz setting?
    4oz bottle = 2 scoops ea x 6.5= 13 scoops.
    That would fill an entire 4 oz bottle WITHOUT adding ANY WATER to the mix. You didn’t set something up right…or there is some fuzzy math going on there. I’m sure THAT’S why you got the response from the manufacturer that you did.
    I will admit I found this blog while searching for other users that have used the Baby Brezza with Enfamil gentlease. I purchased a mixer yesterday and made my sons first bottle tonight. It looked quite watery and wanted to see if others have found a setting that works better for this particular formula.
    The one thing I did take away from this blog besides a good laugh is the thought of weighing every bottle after it’s mixed. That’s a great idea and will only take a second more to ease my mind that everything is to correct proportion.


    • Thank you for your comments & opinions Gary M.! I do respect your opinion on the Baby Brezza, however this blog reflects my opinions & review of products I’ve personally tested. I understand you may not agree with my opinions & findings, which is fine, but there’s absolutely no need to be rude in regards to me or my blog. Happy New Year!

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  4. Crystal

    I too am having the same problem with the baby brezza, I have the measuring wheel set properly for the type of formula im using. When I select 6ozit dispenses 7oz and when I select 4oz it dispenses which us worrisome and makes me question the accuracy of the baby brezza because when I prepare the bottles by hand by putting 6oz of water and 3 scoops of formula for example the bottle stays at 6oz and does not go up to 7oz because of the volume as previous posts suggest for the reason the brezza dispenses more than it should. I feel morr comfortable preparing the bottles myself by hand to ensure accurate measurements and will br returning the baby brezza.


    • Rob

      When making it by hand are you adding water or formula first? You should ALWAYS measure water then put in formula (if mixing directly in bottle). If not you are not taking into consideration the displacement of the formula and are making the mixture too thick for your child. Should you put in water first and then the formula, you should see roughly one extra ounce (5oz for 4oz mix, 7oz for 6oz mix etc.).


  5. morgan

    I agree! There’s no way this machine was dispensing that much powder. It would have not even been liquid! Lol 4 ou equals two scoops so I am to believe yours dispensed 13 scoops of powder? 4 ou of water wouldnt even have disolved that! I do know it recommends a 5 setting for enfamil ar but that is way too thick. We use a four setting and compared the consistency to my hand made and that was perfect. So it does take some checking and playing with. Which I had read in the amazon reviews. So I didnt wait till my baby was screaming or the middle of the night to check it. That is a crazy story if true. 13 scoops of powder on the 4 ou setting?! Crazy! It must have been broken or jammed up for some reason.


    • Rob

      Right? Impossible claim. Sounds like a bad experience with one heck of an exaggeration.

      Ours works like a dream. Wish we had one for first 2 kids.


      • Katie

        At the most, it sounds like you received a defective product. I would have returned this for a replacement unit, because it actually is an awesome product. We’ve been using the formula pro for six months and have never had an issue like this. I am, however, extremely careful when cleaning and reassembling the product. It’s easy to see how one, even slightly, incorrect placement of any part of the formula pro could cause an issue with your bottles. I’m not so sure about 6.5 times the formula for one-4oz bottle though…. Really sounds like a defective product and an isolated event.
        I found this article trying to get info on mixing transition formula with regular formula. I hope this review doesn’t steer people away from this awesome “baby keurig!”


      • I’m so glad this product worked well for you! I wish it would have worked for us. After having such a poor experience, I would not bother trying the product again. I was totally turned off by it. But I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Have a happy day. 🙂


  6. Kim harris

    I’m using the home 360 gentlease formula with this unit and found out the reason my son was constipated was because he was getting to much formula. I’m an engineer and had all settings and things properly setup on this device. So the setting they listed on there manual is incorrect and they so need to fix it. When making these bottles by hand I have no issue with my son being constipated. So there is defiantly an issue with the product.
    Thanks for posting this blog so I know I’m not the only one with this issue


  7. Lauren Abate

    Just bought one from Craigslist in nearly brand new condition. Had exact same thing happen. Bottle overflowed and had major clumps. Not sure if his particular formula type just doesn’t work well with product (Enfamil Nutramigen) or it’s just doesn’t work? I’ve read many reviews of people who just love it. With his formula being soo expensive we can’t just ‘play’ around until we figure it out.


  8. Lauren Abate

    I should note product was thoroughly cleaned the way their instructions state and was put back together with their instructions as well.


  9. Rob

    There is absolutely no way the machine would have dispensed 6.5x the amount of formula required. That means that it would have dispensed 13 scoops of formula in a 4 oz bottle. That’d be like filling an 8oz bottle with nothing but formula. I’ve tried replicating your issue with every setting possible and can’t come close. Either you had one heck of a lemon or you don’t understand basic math.

    We’ve had ours for a month now and it works like a charm. Settings are easy to follow and there’s nothing required to “set up” other than selecting the scoop size. I have no idea how you guys could have screwed this up so badly!

    I’d recommend the Formula Pro to any parent looking to make their lives easier.


  10. David

    We we’re having the same problem when I first set it up. After trying to measure, weigh, experiment every possible way I double checked the way I SWORE I properly followed the setup procedure. I discovered that the locking cover that holds the silicone scraper was NOT locked into place. It made the Breeza dispense two scoops for every one scoope . It works beautiful now. Formula, weight, color and consistency is exactly the same as making a bottle by hand.


      • David

        Brezza needs to update the instructions for the Formula container assembly. You need to put each piece in seperately. The measuring wheel first, then the locking cover with silicone scraper (making sure it is locked into place). You can’t assemble the insides in one piece and then attach it as one unit. ☺️


  11. Lorenzo

    Midwestmama. Read your reviews and others comments, thank you. My wife and I bought this product and after reading I tested the water output which seemed about right. My concern was proper formula amount. I measured by collecting a sample. To do so I used saran wrap to catch the formula before entering the mixer. Itt was just a bit under, adjusted the dial to add more. I took the sample which was about 3.5 table spoons close to the recommended scoop. Again thanks everyone. New to this parent stuff.

    I like this product, great concept but horrible design. Lots of room for improvement. Company needs to 8nvest on using stronger plastic that adds weight to the orange parts.


  12. We bought ours last week and it was working like a champ. Lady night I went to make a 6 oz bottle and it just kept going and going. Water and formula all over the counter. Cleaned it up and tried again and the same thing happened. I’m so fed up and I don’t know what to do.


    • I recommend returning it and just doing it yourself. These machines claim to make life easier, and in some cases I’m sure they might, but in my experience – and so many others who’ve left comments here & reviews elsewhere online – it is not worth it. Best of luck to you 💜


  13. Rich G

    Had Issues with making correct anount consistabtly and did overflow a couple of times, incomplete wheel kit in our machine, came with one wheel only, called up and was sent a new multi adjustable design wheel. New wheel binds and jams with nutramigen.


  14. Ahnna

    Currently have it and mine isnt putting enough water and formula! On the 4 oz setting goes up to 5 oz after mixed but its like 90% water and like half a scoop of formula.. Done sending it back.


    • JAD

      Ahnna: We had same result. Brand new. Followed instructions completely. After two feedings and newborn screaming within an hour; Dad realized there was not enough formula to water ratio. Mixed bottle ourselves, and baby is okay. Did you resolve how to get proper amount of formula to water? Would rather not guess.


  15. First off. Your review was OK. I figured this machine out and only used the manual to see what piece was required for the formula (Gerber Gentle). To those saying their kids get diarrhea or are constipated need to realize that maybe they could be in need of a formula change or to start using bottled baby water after making sure all the parts are in place and in the right position. The only problem I have had with this machine in which I am currently troubleshooting has been that we used non distilled water for our currently almost 2 year old Son and now the heating element in the water tank has some mineral build up in which I may need to replace that part so it heats up more smoothly. Other then that its working same as before. 90% or more of the bad reviews on anything on the internet are from people that are either to lazy to figure out how to use a device, don’t keep up with the maintenance of the device, or they are just plain stupid and shouldn’t own the device in the first place. The truth hurts and that’s the truth.


  16. Candace

    I have been using the maker for three weeks now my twice considers are that mold starts growing around the water side if you don’t wipe down daily and other is after making my sons bottle today I found a bug inside


  17. andrew

    this machine takes a little bit of “brains” which i know most people don’t have but it is very very simple to check the formula amount that comes out and adjust the wheel accordingly, the reason the first few bottles have a bit extra is because they know people wont clean it every day and the extra formula spacing is needed to ensure the correct amount, most formulas the wheel needs to be set at 1 and cleaned every day, if you’re lazy set it to 2 or 3 and clean every two or so


  18. Brianna B.

    I have been using this machine for almost 9 months now and havent had an issue. I love it! Definitely made life easier! Its rough trying to hand make a bottle at night with a screaming child but the machine sits right in my son’s room with bottles ready! Takes less than a minute to make a bottle! You have to regularly take apart the machine and clean it and it works like a charm! I have never had mold grow in or on it and my son hasnt had any bowel issues! Sorry it didnt work out for others! When we first got the machine we experimented with it with flour for the formula. I didnt just want to plug it up and give it to my son without knowing what wxactly it does ans how it works. I recommend this product to all my friends with babies!


  19. Savanna A

    I had the same problem. I thought I had it set up correctly. I did not make sure the scraper part was under the tab. The tab is in the front of the formula container. Once I fixed that problem, it worked perfectly. I am using it daily and is so easy to push a button and get formula


    • Savanna A

      I noticed that the numbers you set for the forumla may be incorrect on the paper. I had to make sure my scoop and dispenser was holding the same amount of powder. I put the wheel down in the formula bowl and poured the formula out of the scoop into the space. I adjusted it accordingly.


  20. Tarren Savidge

    I just got one second hand off of a Facebook yard sale site and the issue I’m having is…. the water is just spitting back into the reservoir and it won’t spin the wheel to dispense anything… I made sure everything was cleaned, dried, and put together correctly and nothing happens. It’s a year and a half old and she swares it worked before she listed it and I’m in touch with her but nodda. I made sure the wheel went in, then the locking tab which just slides under the tab and doesn’t really make a locking noise right?, and then the top spiral thing. I’m at my whits end with this so called “miracle mashine”! HELPPPPPP!


    • Ugh, that is beyond frustrating. Unfortunately I don’t have this machine any more so I am unable to assist with concerns, but I recommend contacting the company or finding an online forum for assistance. Best of luck!


  21. Cs

    The light for the ounces won’t change if it does change I can’t see because the light won’t light up in the correct ounce. So I don’t know how many ounces is on help


  22. Martine

    I bought the machine a month ago and was worried about the accuracy of it after reading all the reviews. After separately running the water and the powder (using cling film to catch the powder before it mixes with the water) I am satisfied that it distributes the correct amount of both water and powder. One thing I’m slightly nervous about is the constant heating on a metal plate but then again our tap water runs through metal too. There is just a quick build up of scale in the water leading to little white flakes so I would suggest changing the water every couple of days.
    I also clean under the dispenser every four bottles or so to maintain the accuracy which takes two seconds. Definitely makes my life easier having this machine.


    • I am so happy to hear this machine is working for you! Although it didn’t work for me, I really am glad such a product exists and can make life easier for some parents. Thank you for sharing your concerns & tips!


  23. Crystal

    I agree with the orginal poster. Everything she indicated is correct we had the very same issue , so now we use the baby breeza as an very expensive water warmer lol!! That’s the only purpose it serves. I’ve contacted the company on several occasion and they treated me like I was crazy and refused to assist . Would not recommend period.


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