Signs You’re a Mom


I am starting this blog topic and won’t end it until my son turns 18, I’m sure! It’s things that have happened to me since O was born. What are the things you’ve experienced about being a mom? Sound off in the comments!

  1. It takes a week to finish a movie. Literally. It took us a week to watch ‘Man of Steel’.
  2. Every meal you consume is lukewarm (but usually cold). It’s like O knows when we’re about to eat, because he’ll start screaming or become fussy. Therefore, food sits and gets cold. This happens nightly.
  3. Shopping for baby/kids items is the only thing you do now. I have a few hours for myself. What do I do? Go shopping at Target and end up in the baby section…but I love it!
  4. You do at least one load of laundry per day, but probably more like 3. At first it wasn’t so bad, but now that O is three months old, the drool doesn’t stop and the laundry pile just gets bigger and bigger.
  5. You swear you smell poop on your hands…even though they’re clean. This has happened to both me and my hubs a number of times. We’re so paranoid about it we even ask each other to smell the other ones hands. Yeah. Trust me, it’s weird.
  6. You find yourself forgetting things…a lot. It’s called Mommy Brain. It is a real thing! We all know about “pregnancy brain,” but “mommy brain” is also real – and it’s worse than pregnancy brain! I forget things. A lot.
  7. Going to the grocery store by yourself is a vacation. Yes! For the first two months of O’s life we took turns going to the grocery store because we were advised by our Ped not to take O to public places until 8 weeks old due to cold & flu season. Literally, it WILL feel like a vacation the first few times you venture out on your own – if even only to go to the grocery store!
  8. You end up doing housework late at night because that’s the only time you have free. This has since gotten better and I’ve been able to accomplish more during the day, but man, those first two months or so was hard! I was so sleep deprived anyway, but in order to get anything done I would have to work late into the night after O had fallen asleep.
  9. Your camera fills up with pictures fast. Really fast. No joke. My dSLR has over 1,000 pictures since O was born. My point-and-shoot has over 6,000! Then there’s my Android phone camera – almost 1,500! It’s insane the amount of pictures you’ll snap of your little one.
  10. You shop online. A lot. For things for your kid. We should buy stock in Amazon. We place at least one order per week there. We buy a lot of things online now because it’s just easier than actually going out to buy the items in a store. Amazon will be your best friend.
  11. You tip toe around the house during nap time so you don’t wake the kids. Even though I know O won’t wake up for anything – even if I were to vacuum – I still tend to tip-toe around the house during nap time for fear he’ll wake and I won’t be able to get anything done. I need ME time!
  12. You snack all day because eating a full meal rarely happens. This especially rings true the first few weeks when you literally don’t have a moment alone. I still find myself snacking throughout the day more than actually sitting down for a meal at lunch. Yesterday I actually forgot to eat lunch. Yeah.
  13. Your friends with kids understand. Everything. Most of my friends have children and they totally get it when I forget something, tell them a story about a blow-out, etc. My friends without children listen, but they’ll never “get it” until they have a little bundle of their own. I’m glad I have other mom friends who can really relate!
  14. You haven’t had a good night’s sleep since….you can’t remember when. This is the truth until your kid sleeps through the night. We were very lucky that O started sleeping through the night – 10 hours at a crack! – at 9 weeks old. But prior to that, I couldn’t remember the last time I had a good night sleep. Maybe before I was pregnant? I don’t know.
  15. You mistakenly call your cat by your child’s name. All the time. And vice versa. Yes, I am guilty of calling O “wellington” and my cat by my child’s name. This happens frequently. Again, mom brain.

More to come as I experience the ever-changing and ever-amazing world of Motherhood! Have a great weekend, mamas! -themidwestmama


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