Review: Mustela Newborn Shampoo


We received this wonderful product from a friend in mid-December. We didn’t know at the time that O had cradle cap, but we thought it would work as a nice, gentle-foaming shampoo anyway. Plus, we really liked the scent!

After using it on O for a few weeks, all three of us loved it! It’s gentle, doesn’t drip down his face into his eyes, smells fantastic, and really works on dry, flaky skin! We found out in mid-January that O had a slight case of cradle cap. We continued using this shampoo every other day at bath time and within a month we noticed that the cradle cap is almost gone! It comes in a 5.7 fl. oz. bottle – which really doesn’t seem that big. We have been using this bottle for nearly three months and it’s not half empty! A little goes a long way – which is good because at the price of $11+ it really is a good investment.

The scent reminds me of a mix between “baby” and “floral.” It smells divine! The best part? The scent lasts for more than a few hours. I often find myself still smelling O’s head the next day and it still smells like Mustela!


  • Great Scent
  • Good Investment (a little goes a long way!)
  • Gentle Formula
  • Does not run into eyes (no tears!)
  • Helps prevent & get rid of cradle cap
  • Baby loves it!
  • Available almost everywhere (from Nordstrom to Target to Meijer!)
  • It’s good to use as a regular shampoo – it’s not JUST for cradle cap


  • Expensive
  • It is scented, so some moms may not enjoy the scent

I would highly recommend this product to my friends and family with babies and children. Although I do use other products from time to time, this is my #1 choice for baby shampoo.

Happy Bathing! -themidwestmama

***I did not receive a free sample or full-sized product for writing this review. This product was given to me by a friend who purchased it for us. We are in no way endorsing the company and do not receive compensation for reviewing their products.***


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