Top Ten Tuesday: Diaper Bag Essentials


At first, I thought I needed everything from home in my diaper bag when going out. It was stuffed to the gills with way more than I ever needed! After several outings in those first few months, I realized that I really only need the essentials to get by. I could always purchase something I needed more of or didn’t have, but that hasn’t happened yet. I’ve always been fully stocked and I’ve never run out of anything. In my experience, the items below are the absolute essentials to stock in your diaper bag. Of course, this is in my experience and your needs may differ. 😉

  1. Diapers + Wipes (the obvious, but definitely necessary!)
  2. Diaper Cream
  3. Changing Pad + Liner (swaddle blankets work well for this!)
  4. Change of Clothing for both baby and mama (or dad!)
  5. Baby Food (either bottles + formula or pumped breast milk with bottles – just in case!)
  6. Snacks and beverages for mom + dad (and baby if old enough!)
  7. Toys (great distractions from diaper changes or for when they get fussy!)
  8. Pacifier and/or Teethers.
  9. Hand Sanitizer and Clorox Wipes (great for cleaning on the go!)
  10. Bibs (we usually pack at least 5 – we have a drooler!)

I also think, though perceived as a luxury item by some, diaper sacks are a necessity because they come in handy, not only for dirty diapers, but also for soiled clothing and dirty bibs! These will also come in handy if you use cloth diapers – they make a great place for those soiled diapers to go until you’re home.

Until next week! -themidwestmama


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