You Can Never Have Too Many…Bibs!


Am I right?

I thought having a few around the house would be enough. After O turned 2 months old, he became a drool monster! From months 2-7 he wore a bib all day from the time he woke up until bedtime. During that time, I changed his bib at least 3-4 times. Sometimes even more if he was especially “drooly” or he was spitting up a lot. Whenever I went out of the house with him I would make sure to pack 3 or 4 extra bibs in the diaper bag just in case.  They came in handy every single time.

So far, we’re up to around 8 bibs per day if we go out. That’s insane! If you’re like me, you do at least one load of laundry per day. Luckily, we are able to get by on having ~10-12 bibs because we’re able to do a load everyday. Something funny happened a few Saturday’s ago though. I hadn’t had a chance to do a load of laundry because our washer was on the fritz. Sunday came around and we only had ONE clean bib! Of course hubs and I just looked at each other thinking “what do we do?!?” That won’t happen again. Luckily, O wasn’t drooling too much on Sunday so he made it with one bib until the afternoon when the laundry finished. It was touch and go there for a while though! 😉

So, yes, in my opinion you CANNOT have too many bibs! Be sure to put lots of bibs on your baby registry. We didn’t think they’d be useful until O could sit up and eat solids so we only put one or two on ours. Luckily, we did get a few at the shower we hadn’t registered for, but we still ended up having to buy the rest when we found out how much we actually needed them.

Quick tip: I always scour the clearance sections at Target, Babies “R” Us, Buy Buy Baby, and Meijer for bibs. Most of the time you can pick up a pack of three bibs for dirt cheap! I also found that you can find nearly new bibs at garage sales for 25 cents a piece! Awesome!

Stay tuned for more “You Can’t Have Enough of…” posts! -themidwestmama


One thought on “You Can Never Have Too Many…Bibs!

  1. I definitely agree with you, parents don’t need a lot of bibs for their baby. I think it’s too much. Baby just need 1 bib for every mealtime and 5 or 8 bibs if they drool a lot. It is good to have a lot of things for baby, but it’s better to have what is enough.


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