Creating Memories: Postcrossing


california postcard

I have been an avid pen & postcard pal to wonderful people from all over the world for many, many years. I enjoy receiving postcards so I decided to create a lasting keepsake for O! I signed him up for a Postcrossing account so he could begin receiving wonderful postcards from different countries and he would later have a collection as a keepsake.

How does Postcrossing work? Each time you send a postcard to someone on the website, your name goes into the queue to receive a postcard from another Postcrosser. It’s completely random, which is nice! It’s a great little surprise because, although you know that mail will come, you won’t know where from! So far, we’ve received postcards from Germany, Singapore and Northern California! You can also specify the types of postcards you would like to receive, for example I put O’s interests as giraffes, dinosaurs and animals in general. The sender is not required to adhere to your interests, but often times they do – O has received two postcards of different zoos and one with a giraffe! What a wonderful keepsake for us and a hobby that will last a lifetime!

You can read about Postcrossing here.

Here’s to a wonderful keepsake and lasting hobby with your little! 🙂 -themidwestmama


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