Top Ten Tuesday: Teething Remedies


O started teething this week. So far, it hasn’t been too bad. Just a bit of discomfort, a lot of drooling, a new form of crying off & on, and constant pacifier action. Since realizing we’re now in this stage, I’ve been doing a lot of research on different teething products and remedies. I had already done some browsing around to see what the consensus was on favorite teethers, but wanted to delve a little deeper into the products available – there are so many! We already had a few we received as gifts or purchased on our own, so the ones we’ve tried are notated as such. The others are products and/or remedies I’ve heard amazing feedback about or I know moms who’ve used them on their little one(s).

  1.  Sophie the Giraffe // a favorite among many moms, we haven’t tried this wonder yet, but I am planning to purchase it as the teething stage continues.
  2. Molar Muncher // I have seen this product on numerous other blogs/websites and have heard amazing things about it. When O’s molars start poking through, we will give this product a go!
  3. Mom’s or Dad’s finger // Yes, a time-consuming activity for mom or dad but a really great remedy – and it’s FREE. Simply run your finger lightly but firmly along baby’s gums to help relieve soreness.
  4. Wooden teethers // BunBun Baby on Etsy has some really great teether rings available at great prices! I’m partial to the fish teether for O, but many other designs are available! You can review feedback of her products here. Of course, there are many other wooden teethers available, a quick Google or Amazon search can likely find you what you want. I haven’t tried these specific teethers yet, but I am very interested and I know wooden teethers are one of the best types of teethers to give to baby.
  5. Mom’s Teething Necklaces // I have been wanting to purchase one of these to wear for O to chew on while I’m holding him for a while. There are so many choices out there & some have mixed reviews. I’ve found a few that I like, but haven’t made any decisions yet. I am partial to the wooden teethers and I found this one on Amazon recently and I really like it. Also available are the Smart Mom Teething Bling Donut necklace, which looks promising.
  6. A damp washcloth // This is a tried-and-true method used for the past 50+ years by moms all over the world. Simply wet a washcloth with cool water, wring it out and offer it to baby. They can chomp on the cool washcloth and it will sooth their sore little gums!
  7. Nuby Silicone Teether // We purchased this around month two when we thought O was teething. He wasn’t, but we kept it for later use. Even though he’s started teething, we haven’t continued to use it yet because it’s still a bit too big for O’s mouth. As he grows, this will be a great tool to use for the front/side teeth. This teether gets excellent reviews on both and Amazon.
  8. Ice Ring Teethers // These have been around a long time too and continuously get wonderful reviews. I found this one from Munchkin and think it’s just wonderful! We have the Munchkin Sesame Street ring teether and O seems to enjoy it. He hasn’t quite grasped the concept of putting it back into his mouth himself, but likes it when it is in his mouth. **As always, be sure to only chill this – do not freeze! Doing so could cause serious harm to baby!**
  9. A simple pacifier // When baby is just starting to teeth (front teeth), a pacifier seems to really help. O enjoys sucking on his pacifier constantly!
  10. Appeteethers // These just look FUN! They get awesome reviews from Amazon and come in a variety of fun versions, such as Broccoli and Chicken Wing!

Have you tried a teether & found it really useful? Do you swear by one specific teether for your little one? I would love to hear what has worked (and what hasn’t!) for you as we continue down the teething trail with O! -themidwestmama

NOTE: I have not received any of the products above as a free sample from the company or manufacturer. These products were either purchased on my own or I have received feedback from a friend or family member. I am in no way endorsing the products above. All information in this post is my opinion based on use and/or research & feedback.


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