Introducing Gwendy Taylor, Guest Contributor!


The Midwest Mama is pleased to announce her first contributor to the blog…

Gwendy Taylor!

“No matter how many times I check the diaper bag, I always forget something important!”

Gwendy experiences motherhood and family life in Boise, Idaho with her husband and their daughter, Baby E, who is 10 months old. Gwendy is a first-time mama who enjoys writing about her experiences, ideas and opinions relating to everything motherhood. Although she doesn’t currently have a blog to call her own, she is getting started by contributing to The Midwest Mama and says “Heather’s beautiful attitude and welcoming blog inspired me” so she is eager to get started! Her primary focus right now is writing about celebrations, kids birthdays and play date ideas. Although, she is open to writing about anything related to topics currently on The Midwest Mama blog. She is just getting started in the social media world and you can currently find her on Google+!

Her first contribution to The Midwest Mama will be posted soon! It’s a good one, so stay tuned! -themidwestmama


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