Top Ten Tuesday: Baby Bath Products


From newborn to infant, bathing a baby is pretty simple. Most of the time.

The first time we gave O a bath, he was ~3 weeks old. We assumed putting the newborn/infant bath tub into our bathtub would be the easiest. We got him in the bath sling that attached to the baby tub and into a little bit of luke warm water. He screamed through the entire ordeal. The next time, we tried a “mom and baby” bath – I got into the tub with him and attempted to bathe him with my hubs’ assistance. This worked better, but it was still not ideal – babies are slippery! Finally, we decided we’d use the newborn tub as intended – in a sink. We were hesitant at first because the only sink it would fit in was in our kitchen. At least in the bathroom we could steam it up before giving O a bath and it would be warm and humid. How would we do that in the kitchen? Luckily, I have a smart hubs. We turned the oven on and vented it by leaving the door cracked for about a 1/2 hour. This definitely warmed the area a little before we did bath time. Using the newborn bath (without the newborn sling!) in the sink worked wonderfully! O was happy and really seemed to enjoy it!

We stopped using the newborn sling after the first one or two baths and just used the side marked ‘newborn.’ It was easy to use because there was a little ridge for his bum and he could recline easily so he just sat there having a ball while we cleansed him and shampooed his hair. We’re still using the tub, albeit the infant side, but will soon transition him to the tub with mom or dad – as soon as he can sit up on his own. Over the course of bathing our son, there have been products we’ve fallen in love with and I wanted to share with you a list of necessities we use for bath time.

  1. Mustela Baby Shampoo // We were gifted this amazing find by our friends when O was two weeks old – we’re still using the same bottle after nearly 5 months! Although it’s specifically marketed for babies with cradle cap, we like to use it every time we bathe him because it keeps his scalp moisurized, smells wonderful and lasts forever! If you’re a frequent viewer, you know I’ve reviewed this product in the past.
  2. Circo Infant Washcloths // These are my favorite because they are so soft! Plus, each pack contains 6 washcloths so having one or two sets will get you by for at least the first year. These are available in boys and girls patterns.
  3. Hooded bath towels // I am not necessarily partial to one specific brand, as we use 3 or 4 different ones, but I definitely recommend having at least 3 hooded towels for baby. We have two Cutie Pie hooded towel & washcloth sets that we really like because they’re thin, large and so soft! The Just Born hooded bath towel from Kohls is also a wonderful pick.
  4. Triple Wash Gentle Diaper Rash Wash // We received this magnificent product in March 2014’s Bluum Box and used it for O’s next bath. Luckily, we haven’t had to deal with any severe diaper rash yet but this wash did work well on his mild irritations. It doesn’t have the best scent, but it’s not horrible. I would recommend this to anyone who is dealing with diaper rash, whether mild or severe.
  5. Thermometer // This is a must to test baby bath water, to ensure it’s not too hot (or too chilly!). We use Taylor’s Digital Instant Read Pocket thermometer and it works great!
  6. Infant Bath Tub // I know a lot of moms who just put baby directly into a clean sink to bathe them, but I was extremely happy with The First Year’s Infant to Toddler Tub with Sling. We are still using it after 5 months!
  7. Body Lotion // We adore the body lotion from Just Hatched! We use their Soft Baby Body Lotion on O – and I admit, I use it pretty often on myself! You can read my review of it here.
  8. Bath Toys // These act as a great distraction from bath time, especially if your little isn’t partial to taking a bath quite yet. Although O enjoys bath time, we usually draw it out a little and play a while. We have several different toys, but our current favorite is the Sassy Soft Swimmers. They’re soft, cute and squirt to keep baby’s attention!
  9. Cotton Swaps // We use Johnson’s Safety Swabs to clean around baby’s ear – and even his belly button!
  10. Brush & Comb Set // This is a must for us, since O has a lot of hair! We have the Safety 1st Easy Grip set and it works great! It’s also relatively inexpensive for such a high quality set.

Other items to include are a manicure set, a travel bath sponge pad, baby body wash (other than what’s mentioned above), a change of clothing & a diaper (for after bath!), and a camera to catch all those sudsy cute moments!

What items do you use during bath time? I am always looking for innovative new products to add to our bath time routine! Have a great day! -themidwestmama


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