Guest Post: Unique Birthday Themes

4/7/2014 – Contributed by: Gwendy Taylor, Guest Blogger

Choosing a theme for your baby’s birthday is only one of the many perks that come with infant party-planning. Thanks to Pinterest and talented moms across the globe, there is an endless supply of celebration inspiration. Here are my top 3 favorite unique birthday themes—enjoy!

1.    Cowboys and Indians

Although this classic mêlée isn’t as prevalent as it was a few generations ago, the theme can be made modern & incorporated in a fun, positive manner. Décor can include items like a homemade tee-pee for little guests to crawl around in, cowboy hats or feathered headbands and “Wanted” posters. Pennant garlands and dream-catchers would make great accents, while mason jars or mini cacti or succulents would make cute centerpieces (out of reach of little hands, of course!).

Fun options for food & drinks include a trail mix bar (pictured), a hot dog bar and ice-cold lemonade. Making the nourishment portion of the celebration interactive serves double duty; it’s both entertaining and decorative!


2.    Milk and Cookies

There are few things in life better than a tall glass of milk and a warm cookie (or three!). This classic snack makes a fantastic party theme for kids & adults alike. The versatility of this simplistic theme makes it a budget and time friendly option (you know, for those of us who have low quantities of both).

A cookie decorating bar is almost a must! Any sore-bought or homemade cookies are totally acceptable, but the chocolate chip cookie is a must-have classic. Displaying the cookies in an assortment of jars or on unique plates adds aesthetic appeal. Pair them with different varieties of cookies and you’ve got yourself a great bakery buffet. In addition to a cookie table, incorporate a milk bar too. Use different types (cow’s, soy, almond, etc.) and flavors (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate) of milk in order to tempt a plethora of palates.



3.    Little Golden Books

Did a wave of nostalgia rush over you when you read the title of this theme?? The Little Golden books motif invites a modern twist on a childhood classic. For decorations consider using old book pages to make pennants, pinwheels, bunting, or frame a few for added wall appeal. Blue & yellow are the primary colors associated with the series, so consider using flowers, ribbons and tablecloths in these colors to really stick with the Little Golden Books theme.

Think classic for this theme’s party food. Circus animal crackers, Lemonheads and bottled sodas all make great treats! Vintage bookmarks or little book bags make for great literary favors. Cakes in the shape of your favorite book from the series (or character) are sure to be show stoppers.

When it comes to planning a party, deciding on a focus is one of the best parts. Enjoy planning your baby’s birthday and consider opting for one of these unconventional themes to add a bit of spunk to the traditional celebration.




Gwendy Taylor is a first-time mom discovering that no matter how many times she double checks the diaper bag, she always forgets something important. When she’s not trying out the latest homemade baby food recipes, you can find her writing about family life.

[Sources of photographs are embedded within the pictures. Simply click on the photo to be taken to the source’s website.]


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