Disheveled Mama


After a wonderful Easter Weekend with family in Michigan, I unfortunately fell ill on our 8 hour car ride back home late Monday night. It started with a pesky sore throat and we thought perhaps it was the remnants of a busy weekend coupled with being couped up in the car for too long.

When I woke up Tuesday morning I could barely swallow & my glands were super sized! I immediately called the doctor to get an appointment – I couldn’t risk waiting around to see what would develop with a 5 month old I had to care for! Luckily, hubs could take a day off to care for O.

The NP diagnosed Viral Tonsillitis or tonsil ulcers. WTF was that??! She said there wasn’t anything they could do to remedy it, but could prescribe a “magic mouthwash” to lessen the symptoms. Great! I didn’t have a sinus infection! No bronchitis! Things were looking up.

Wednesday morning came…I had a full blown sinus infection. Ugh. I called my doc’s office immediately to request an antibiotic. I couldn’t be sick – I had a baby to care for & a household to run!! Again, hubs took the day off. Him & O picked up my prescription from CVS while I lie sick in bed.

Thursday came & went. Me still sick, hubs still home & another day I couldn’t kiss, hug or even be around my O. I’d been confined to our bedroom by myself for THREE long days. Oh, and did I mention that I also had an upper respiratory infection too? Fun.

I knew Thursday evening Nick would have to take another day off on Friday. I was still in bed and unable to care for myself let alone O. Friday was a rollercoaster. I felt decent, I had a fever. I had coughing attacks, I was telling jokes. I was hot then cold, then fine, then not fine. A whirlwind of ailments & what I thought were small victories (feeling better!).

Saturday morning arrived. I woke up late and actually felt decent. The cough was still there and I was still a bit stuffed up, but overall I was over the hump and on my way to wellness! I wore a face mask and cleaned the bathroom (germ city). I still hadn’t decided if I wanted to be around hubs or O yet, so I decided to stick upstairs.

Hopefully the coming week will bring complete wellness for me and we can get back to our normal routine as a family.

Stay well friends!! -themidwestmama


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