My 1st Mother’s Day



Yesterday was Mother’s Day – my first as a mom! – and might I say IT WAS FANTASTIC! We actually had an entire weekend of fun, starting on Friday evening with a trip to the mall.

Hubs and O didn’t know what to get me for Mother’s Day (not that they needed to get me anything!) so they wanted ideas. Thus, we all headed to the mall on a Friday night (mistake?). We walked around a bit and stopped in to a few jewelry shops. I found a ‘Mom’ necklace and some earrings I liked, but couldn’t justify both. We decided to have dinner and talk it over before making a purchase. We ate at the food court, which was actually pretty good (we ate at a place called Schoop’s). After we ate, hubs picked up O because he was getting fussy. He was “standing” on Dad’s lap when he reached down, grabbed the 20 oz. fountain drink and brought the straw straight to his mouth. Obviously, he can’t suck through a straw at 6 months old, but he tried! We about died laughing. Did I mention the drink was over half full? Crazy! We ended up going back and getting the earrings I liked. I wear them 24/7 proudly!

On Saturday morning we were invited to our friends’ home for an evening BBQ. We didn’t have plans, so we went – and had a really great time! It happened to be their little girls’ 1/2 birthday (6 months already!) so we brought her a pink sock monkey & a balloon. We also brought our friend a nice tulip plant and ‘Mom’ balloon. At dinner, O had his avocado puree while we chowed down on burgers, corn, baked beans, and green beans – and apple pie for dessert! We stayed until after 10, which is unusual for us since we go to bed quite early. O went to sleep in their pack n’ play around 930 luckily. We had great food & conversation with wonderful friends.


On Sunday morning, hubs let me sleep in a bit and then him & O brought me my Mom’s Day cards in bed (awww!). We all got ready & took a quick trip to the store to prepare for our afternoon BBQ with O’s “Auntie.” We got some Diet Vernors and vanilla ice cream to make my favorite childhood treat – Boston Coolers! When we got home, we made our treat and took O outside while hubs grilled. “Auntie” brought over a beautiful hydrangea plant for me (pretty!) and a pack of MLB Baseball Cards for O (his first!). We had a wonderful time hanging out, eating and talking.


Mother’s Day weekend was a wonderful one – one I will never forget. It is so rewarding being a mother and I can’t wait for the years to come.

I hope you had an amazing Mother’s Day, too! I would love to hear about it. Feel free to tell me below, or in an email! Have a wonderful week! -themidwestmama


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