SPD: An Update


Several months ago, I posted about my struggle with Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction and provided some good information on what SPD is and whether or not you can determine if you have it. After enduring several months of physical therapy, at home exercises and taking painkillers & muscle relaxers, I am on my way to a great recovery!

I finished going to twice-weekly physical therapy sessions in late March. At that point, I was out of the recliner (yay!), which I had been in for the 8 months prior, and on the couch (on my back). This was a HUGE step for me since I hadn’t been able to sleep anywhere but in a chair since before giving birth. In early April, I tried our bed and I was able to do it for a few hours, with little pain. Still taking the pain pills and muscle relaxers, I tried it for an entire night and was able to do it, but had some intense pain the next day. Luckily, the pain wasn’t entirely in my pubic bone, but mainly in my SI joints. I say luckily because after nearly a year of SPD, I was finally getting some relief! Although the SI pain was painful, it was much better than SPD.

I am currently in the bed, full-time and have been for 5-6 weeks! I still have SPD pain from time to time, but so little that I barely notice it (compared to what I used to struggle with)! The physical therapy, along with the muscle relaxers and painkillers, really helped me get on the right track to recovery. I still do exercises at home. I still do pelvic floor strengthening exercises (i.e. kegals). I still wear an SI belt. Yes, I still have to maintain a PT-minded lifestyle in order to keep my SPD in check and get my SI joints under control, but I AM IMPROVING!

For anyone out there suffering with SPD, I highly recommend Physical Therapy, a non-narcotic painkiller, muscle relaxers, and pelvic floor exercises (these are what worked for me!). Of course, please consult your physician before undergoing a new exercise or pain-relief regimen. These really helped me ease my SPD pain and are aiding me in regaining my regular lifestyle! Hello walks! Hello biking! Hello enjoying time with my son! Life is wonderful!

If you think you are suffering from SPD symptoms, consult your OBGYN or physician ASAP! Getting SPD under control during pregnancy can ease symptoms after giving birth.

Have a wonderful, pain-free day! -themidwestmama


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