Babyproofing Shenanigans


So we started babyproofing slowly from the time O turned 6 months old. I wish we’d started sooner. There’s SO much to be done!

We started with the outlet covers. Easy. Then Hubs attempted to do the drawers in the kitchen but we couldn’t find anyone with an L wrench to install them properly. Then we finally – after many hours of searching – found a gate we liked. We installed it & the following day we were getting used to it and our large tomcat couldn’t jump over it. Hubs raised it to 6 inches off the ground. I was worried O could (somehow) fit under (he couldn’t). Our big boy cat was able to get underneath the gate, thankfully.

Next task? Finding a long enough gate to block off the dining room. This was interesting since we needed something at least 87 inched long. We found something on Amazon that would work but had to order an extension. It came (finally!) and Hubs installed it one evening while I tended to some laundry upstairs. Next thing I know, Hubs comes upstairs to tell me it isn’t long enough – even with the extension! Argh!! Odd part? The measurement Hubs took was inaccurate (it was only 81 inches, not 87) but the gate still didn’t fit. Strange…

Luckily, it’ll work fine if we buy a second extender piece.

The kitchen cabinets are all locked, fridge door secured, bathroom door handles “locked”. All the breakables are put away or set up high. Things are looking up! We’ll see if the extension for the dining room gate works properly & we should be good to go!

Any further suggestions on

babyproofing? Since we’re new at this I’d love to hear what I’ve missed or suggestions on things that should be or don’t need to be done.


Take care, Mamas! -themidwestmama


One thought on “Babyproofing Shenanigans

  1. We’ve just started babyproofing also for our 8month old daughter… she is into absolutely everything and everyday I see a new thing I need to babyproof… I feel your pain!


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