{Review} Seventh Generation Baby Wipes


I was sent some free samples of Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Wipes via Generation Good to review.

Since my son has fairly sensitive skin, and is prone to keratosis pilaris and eczema flare-ups, it was nice to try these wipes, free of fragrances, parabens, phthalates, alcohol and dyes! A huge plus if your little one has skin sensitivities or other skin conditions.

I wish I would have been aware of these when O was just a little baby, as he had even more sensitive skin then and was quite prone to diaper rash.

Pros: fragrance-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, alcohol-free, dye-free, work well on sensitive skin, non-drying, easy on diaper rash, should not cause allergic reactions

Cons: more expensive than mainstream baby wipes

Overall, these baby wipes are absolutely wonderful! I would recommend these to friends & family in a heartbeat!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to provide this review of Seventh Generation baby wipes. I was simply provided a free sample from their sampling program, Generation Good, and asked to review their product. All opinions are my own.


Happy skin, happy baby! -themidwestmama


Happy Summer!


©TheMidwestMama 2015

Hello Parents!

I cannot believe it is JUNE already! Where does the time go???

Our little family is doing well – O is growing up so darn fast! He is already 19 months old! Ahhh! When did I become a mama of a toddler???

What do you have planned for summer? Any fun vacations or events? We will be traveling to Northern Michigan for The Fourth, but not too many plans – just staying cool & having fun!

Happy Summer, Friends!

-The Midwest Mama

Happy New Year!


Hello, friends!

I know I’ve been an absent blogger these past few months, but I hope to get back to blogging in the New Year!!

I wanted to wish my friends & followers a very safe & happy new year!

Cheers to you & yours!

-The Midwest Mama

Babyproofing Shenanigans


So we started babyproofing slowly from the time O turned 6 months old. I wish we’d started sooner. There’s SO much to be done!

We started with the outlet covers. Easy. Then Hubs attempted to do the drawers in the kitchen but we couldn’t find anyone with an L wrench to install them properly. Then we finally – after many hours of searching – found a gate we liked. We installed it & the following day we were getting used to it and our large tomcat couldn’t jump over it. Hubs raised it to 6 inches off the ground. I was worried O could (somehow) fit under (he couldn’t). Our big boy cat was able to get underneath the gate, thankfully.

Next task? Finding a long enough gate to block off the dining room. This was interesting since we needed something at least 87 inched long. We found something on Amazon that would work but had to order an extension. It came (finally!) and Hubs installed it one evening while I tended to some laundry upstairs. Next thing I know, Hubs comes upstairs to tell me it isn’t long enough – even with the extension! Argh!! Odd part? The measurement Hubs took was inaccurate (it was only 81 inches, not 87) but the gate still didn’t fit. Strange…

Luckily, it’ll work fine if we buy a second extender piece.

The kitchen cabinets are all locked, fridge door secured, bathroom door handles “locked”. All the breakables are put away or set up high. Things are looking up! We’ll see if the extension for the dining room gate works properly & we should be good to go!

Any further suggestions on

babyproofing? Since we’re new at this I’d love to hear what I’ve missed or suggestions on things that should be or don’t need to be done.


Take care, Mamas! -themidwestmama

Giving Birth & Bouncing Back


I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t feeling (or looking!) my best a mere 8 weeks after giving birth to my son. Heck, 8 months later and I’m STILL NOT back to normal. I saw this article about Kristin Cavallari and couldn’t believe how awesome she looks only 8 weeks after giving birth to son Jaxon in May.

Why is it that some moms, especially celebrities, can look so amazing so soon after having a baby? Is it because they feel “pressured” due to the media? Maybe. Regardless, there’s no way I could have felt so amazing and looked so beautiful in so little time after having O.

It’s been just over 8 months since I gave birth and, although, a lot of the weight has come off (I gained a lot!) and my emotions and hormones are back in check, I still don’t feel like I did before I was pregnant. It will probably take at least another year for me to get the baby weight completely off (but I’m striving to lose more!), and I’m totally okay with that. Sure, I have days where I just wish the pounds would melt away or days when there isn’t enough makeup in the world to make me feel beautiful. But, again, it’s ok.

If you’re a mama struggling to get the weight off quickly after having a baby, take your time! Of course Kristin and other celebrities look and seem to feel beautiful, I’m sure they have their days where they would rather not leave the house – we all do! Plus, don’t even get me started on airbrushing (in magazines)! We all know they do it. Regardless of probably airbrushing on Mrs. Jay Cutler, she looks amazing.

Tell me about your struggle (or success!) in losing those pregnancy pounds in the comments below. I’d love to hear your story. If you feel more comfortable emailing me, please feel free to do that instead.

Stay healthy and fabulous, Mamas! -themidwestmama

What are your plans?


Father’s Day is this Sunday! Do you & your family have plans? I would love to hear about them.

This is Hubs’s 1st Father’s Day & I hope to make it special…although to him, I’m fairly certain just spending time with me & O is enough.

More to come after Sunday!

Happy Memorial Day!


Wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day. Please stop & think about the real reason we celebrate this holiday. Stay safe!


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