Top Ten Tuesday: DIY Keepsakes


I am a very sentimental person. I love to make and purchase keepsakes to document every moment of my son’s life. I found most of the DIY Keepsake ideas below on Pinterest and I can’t wait to make them myself! If you’re a crafty person, or even if you’re not, these DIY ideas to showcase baby are super simple and FUN!

  1. Week or Month in Review Binder – This would be cool to document baby’s firsts and milestones each month!
  2. Monthly Photos – Document baby’s monthly changes and growth
  3. Newborn Shadowbox – Showcase baby’s first pictures, going home outfit, hospital bracelets and more
  4. Mommy and Me Handprint Art – Can do this with baby and anyone! Mom, Dad, Papa, Grandma, etc.
  5. Safety Pin Wall Art – Cutest thing ever.
  6. Onesie Quilt or Memory Quilt – What a great keepsake to make for you or your baby!
  7. Baby Yearbook – Make a photo book for each year!
  8. Wall Art from Baby Shower Cards – Instead of just storing those cards from your shower, cut out a heart shape from each and make wall art for baby’s nursery or even your living room!
  9. Baby Keepsake Box – Create a keepsake box of baby items – first onesie, baby shoes, baby cards received the first year, birth certificate in neat holder, etc.
  10. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament with Hand or Footprint – You can do this yearly! A special set of keepsakes for your son or daughter’s tree in the future!

I have many, many more ideas for DIY keepsakes I’ve found online or done on my own. There will be a separate post on this coming in the future. Happy Day! -themidwestmama


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